4 Reasons Xbox One Outdo Play Station 4

4 Reasons Xbox One Outdo Play Station 4

If you are an ardent video gamer who spends day and night in front of your PC or TV, you know that it is only because of the console you are integrating to play efficiently. One such recommended and most embraced one is none other than the great and widely popular Xbox One. It is Microsoft’s fantastic masterpiece for its video game lovers. By the invent of this particular game has made them even more profitable than ever. Apart from that, it is push backing the Xbox 360 and becoming the spotlight attraction. There are various reasons why Xbox is recognized widely. We will discuss some of the reasons in the following post. With that in mind, let us dive into the article to get a bit more exposure.

Games with Gold

The first reason to top the list is none other than the games its gold features that make the players keep on playing the game. Another major point to keep in mind is that Sony and Microsoft offer free games as a part of the online services. Both the services by Microsoft and Sony are outstanding that they have their own pros and cons. But relatively the advantages of playing in Xbox are more than the PS.

Xbox Live

The second one we must know is that Xbox offers a live streaming platform. It is one of the reasons why players are getting attracted to this particular game than PS. Even though Sony has a lot of accomplishment and unique gaming landscape, when it comes to Xbox Live, everything stands aside making Xbox the greatest of all.

Xbox to PC

The third reason to choose Xbox is due to its ability to stream to PC. You can download and integrate the gaming platform in your Windows 10. You can stream the content to PC without any restrictions or cache notification, unlike PS. the gradient and colour will never be lost even if you play from online or PC.

PC to Xbox

PC to Xbox

The fifth one is due to its ability to stream to Xbox. You can also stream your game in Xbox. It is highly recommended as it helps you to show your PowerPoint presentation on TV. These are only possible if you have a wireless chord to integrate both the streams. Previously we were not able to move the PC, but with the advent of a laptop, we can do anything and everything. It is an easy and very conventional way to share contents and thoughts.


It is not news that both Sony and Microsoft have outdone in some or the other way. Whatever case we take, both the parties have struggled a lot to bring the best to their players. Having said that, it is all up to you how both of them works for you.

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